Graduate education is important at Washington State University.  We aim for the best graduate education possible – not only in the classroom, but also in research and informal experiences throughout your time as a graduate student.

Graduate students preparing beds for plantingBy enrolling in the graduate program in Horticulture at Washington State University, you become part of a team of students, faculty, and staff who are dedicated to the scientific and intellectual pursuit of knowledge in horticulture. Depending on your career goals, your studies may concentrate on such basic sciences as plant physiology, biochemistry, and molecular genetics, as well as horticulture. You may explore a variety of subjects, such as plant pathology, soil science, biological systems engineering, environmental science, or the social sciences to complement your graduate education. Keeping your interests and goals in mind, your research project, course requirements, teaching and/or Extension experiences for your graduate work will be individualized and determined with your faculty advisor and graduate committee.